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Committed to Education

We are committed to mirroring the collegiate and professional work environment.  

We dress for success by wearing a white shirt, with school logo, black dress pants and black shoes.  Students at Bronx Career and College Preparatory High School are being educated and groomed to be strong college students, skilled work force participants and impeccable contributors to their communities. A dynamic team of professionals provide support for students who attend BCC Prep  and are dedicated to providing high quality instruction, college preparation and an atmosphere that nurtures dreamers.


Through our internship program, our students have the opportunity to intern at non-profit organizations, courthouses, theaters, law offices, police precincts, hospitals, banks, community centers and a wide range of work places that aid them in their quests to become skilled professionals in their chosen career fields

Students are prepared to be successful 21st-century participants. We couple relevant internship experiences with rigorous academic learning experiences. As a result, students develop four standards of professionalism and learn to be prompt, prepared, positive and productive. Students at BCC Prep also strive to embody our core principles as they develop responsibility, teamwork, and the resiliency needed to enter college and exceed academic and industry-based standards.

We aim to meet the unique needs of all of our students through advisory, internships, and quality college and career readiness instruction to ensure that 100% of students graduate prepared for college and careers. We strive to cultivate a strong culture that mirrors college and employment where students respect teachers, work hard and arrive on time. As a result, BCC Prep stands as an autonomous educational institution free from outside dictate. We ensure that each student is cognitively engaged, fully valued and fully heard.

Mission / Vision

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