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Businesses United In Investing, Lending and Development is an innovative, college preparatory program, whose mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel high school students to college and career success. Create your own company from beginning to end.

Create a product, get funded, sell and profit from your product.

Computer Technology:

Become acquainted with Web Design, Coding and basic skills to become more tech Savvy.

Culinary Arts:

Healthy Cooking with Go Chef! Learn about  balanced  nutrition as you prepare dishes weekly for your peers and  faculty.  Then get ready to compete with the best of the best.


Learn how laws are made  and how they change. Work with a lawyer, learn about the court system and prepare your very own case for mock trials.


Get hands on experience in your area of interest while interning in one of the finest hospitals in the Bronx: Montefiore, St. Barnabas or Jacobi.

Performing Arts:

Navigate the world of Broadway through stage play where you can be the writer , performer or perhaps even direct your very own production.

Student Mentor:

Calling all  Juniors and Seniors that  would like to meet and mentor incoming students, and attend orientation and open house recruitment activities. All interested students must be a people person, complete an application and interview over the summer.

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