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Freshman Experience

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

For many, high school isn't just a place for academics and studying. It's also a place for self-discovery and growth, in which what they learn goes beyond what books teach. This is why choosing my future high school was so important to me last year. I wanted to be a part of a community in which my academics would be valued, but that still prioritized my own person. Looking at multiple schools, part of what made Bronx Career & College Preparatory High School stand out was their sense of community. They believe that by working with and caring for their students, good grades would be easier to achieve and maintain. Another aspect of BCC Prep that appealed to me was their willingness to help their students find their path in life. As a career-preparing high school, they offered multiple programs which would help students get an idea of different careers and ultimately, what they wanted to do in life. All of the programs are free and students don't have to stick to one, they can switch if they like. This is helpful later on as it's an issue that can easily be avoided in college when instead of programs, you switch majors.

I focused mainly on humanities schools as I am still unsure of what career I want to take, and I'm glad I chose BCC Prep for all that it has to offer. This school year has been incredibly successful and is one of my best. My first period class is always advisory, a nice and welcoming environment and great preparation for the day. The class has taught me a lot about terms such as conflict solving, self- care and its importance, etc. When seeking growth and self-improvement in high school, advisory provides myself and other students with that extra support. I have developed a healthy relationship with my advisors and know that they are trustworthy people I can come to when I need someone to talk to. My grades are even better than they were in middle school and even if they weren't, I know I have a support system to help me get on my feet. The school offers tutoring for various classes throughout the week and I feel comfortable to approach my teachers if I need extra help. I have also met some amazing people who have become close friends of mine, ranging from freshmen to sophomores. Even if I don't talk to other upperclassmen often, they all seem friendly. With all of this new experience, I have a slightly less blurry future. BCC Prep has freshmen take an entrepreneurship class called BUILD. BUILD has helped me improve my public-speaking skills and it's a great starting point for other careers. It teaches leadership, teamwork etc. and that can be applied to multiple other careers and classes. Not only have I grown academically, I have grown as a person as well. At the end of this school year, I definitely won't be the same person I was at the start of it. I hope for success in the regents I have to take this year and in my AP exam.

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