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How To Deal With Being An Introvert

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

What is an introvert? An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. Some struggles introverts have are Communication, finding time to be alone, interacting with people and thinking about what people will think of them. And asking questions. I am an introvert, I’d rather stay at home do homework & watch tv than go out with friends. I am a sophomore in high school and I find it difficult at times to ask questions and participate. But I’ve found ways to break out of that shell and engage more.

It takes a lot for an introvert to step out their comfort zone socially, or even in class. What I found easiest for me was to be more involved in my classes. What made me anxious to participate in class was the attention being put on me, also being embarrassed if I got the answer wrong. So I would formulate a question, write it down if I needed to, raise my hand, and ask it. This was difficult for me at first because I tend to doubt myself by thinking “Is this a bad question” “do I have the right answer” those types of thoughts were holding me back from asking questions that could’ve helped me with my struggles. Also, you have to trust yourself, trust your thoughts, trust your intelligence. Confidence is the key to asking questions not caring about what others say or think.

As an introvert putting yourself out into the world can be hard. Be open-minded. Try to talk with people. Try to discuss the subject with your peers because it can help you not only academically but boost your confidence socially. Ask If you are afraid to speak up in class try to get a seat in the front. This way you’ll be focused on the teacher and everyone else is out of sight.

Joining groups at school was another way for me to break out of my shell. This really helped me be much more social and comfortable around people. I decided to join groups in my classes because it helped me get other inputs from my classmates that made me understand the subject better. I got confidence from my peers to ask questions & participate more. Also I started conversations with my peers that led to other conversations, and eventually led to me making friends. Joining these groups helped me step out of my comfort zone & take in others opinions.

What I’ve learned from stepping out of my shell is that it isn’t easy but it expanded my comfort zone and it helped me see my peers in different ways. It has also helped in increasing my concentration and focus in my classes. I’ve become more social with peers and comfortable with participating and asking questions in my classes. I am still an Introvert, I like my alone time and I don’t really like going to social events but I still have my days where I socialize in school and I now love to participate in class. But stepping out of my shell has helped me grow as a person.

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