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Mission & Vision

Bronx Career & College Preparatory High School prepares students to be successful 21st century participants. We couple relevant internship experiences with rigorous academic learning experiences. As a result, students develop four standards of professionalism and learn to be prompt, prepared, positive and productive. Students at Bronx Career College Preparatory High School also strive to embody our core principles as they develop responsibility, teamwork, and the resiliency needed to enter college and to exceed academic and industry-based standards.

Bronx Career & College Preparatory High School provides small class size, advisory, internships, and quality career & college readiness instruction and training to ensure that 100% of students graduate prepared for college and careers. There is a strong culture that mirrors college and employment where students respect teachers, work hard and arrive on time. As a result,  Bronx Career College Preparatory High School stands as an autonomous educational institution free from outside dictate. We ensure that each student is cognitively engaged, fully valued and fully heard.

Standards of Professionalism

At BCC Prep, our students are asked to operate under the 4 P’s of professionalism.

  • Be Prompt- Attend each class, every day and on time.
  • Be Prepared- Come to school each day and ready to learn. Come to school dressed professionally, with materials, supplies, and completed assignments.
  • Be Positive- You are part of a positive, high achieving school culture. Have an optimistic attitude. Respect yourself and others.
  • Be Productive- Each class and each work-based experience has clearly stated objectives. Your best effort is expected to complete and achieve these objectives.

Core Principles

Responsibility: Worthy of and answerable for an act performed or for its consequences.

Teamwork: A group of people who work collaboratively to accomplish the same goals.

Resiliency: The ability to recover, adapt, and adjust in order to overcome difficulty or change.

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